"I crafted the Wapiti Strap from strong nylon webbing with a shoulder pad made of Montana Elk leather. The wapiti hide allows you to hang a heavy camera off of your neck for extended periods of time with comfort. The leather soaks up sweat during those hot summer ball games and won't allow the camera to slide off the shoulder of a slippery winter coat."
David Grubbs, Photojournalist

Like a comfortable pair of gloves, the Wapiti Strap gets better with age. Congratulations! You've finally found the strap your job demands: The Wapiti Strap.

Bugle Strap C1 Strap Rut Strap Spike Strap


WapitiStraps.com accepts payments through PayPal (www.paypal.com). This allows for fast, secure order processing. To order a Wapiti Strap, please select your desired length to the right. If you wish to have a customized strap, please enter the length (inches) that you desire; no extra charge or shipping time.

Each order with up to nine straps purchased will be charged a $5.00 shipping and handling fee. International shipping and handling is $15 for up to nine straps.

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